GC Technology provide a managed support service including continuous remote monitoring of critical business systems.  Our “Proactive Care Support Service” is achieved by utilising existing features within Microsoft Server Systems and also using site to site VPN’s with our customer’s firewalls. We receive daily email messages from our customer’s business critical servers and firewalls with up to date details on the health of the equipment including the status of the backup’s, antivirus and any system events that may require investigation. As a result of this we are able to proactively provide a support service either on site or by remote connection.

Proactive Care Support

It is vital that your business operates as efficiently as possible and having a support mechanism in place covers this.  GC Technology provide a “Proactive Care Support” service that covers the daily monitoring of the business critical systems as well as providing a helpdesk service for users.  The details of what is covered by this service are:

Remote Support / Onsite Support

 In the event of a problem any member of staff can log a call directly to the GC Technology support line and the issue will be dealt with.  In the event the issue cannot be resolved remotely an Engineer will attend onsite.  We will also assist project /manage issues with third party system providers.

Helpdesk / Advice

Apart from direct support queries, staff members may also require assistance with “how do I do” type questions in
respect of Microsoft Office products such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Outlook.

Job Ticketing

Users can submit tickets via the Support Portal; these tickets can be reviewed by Managers and supervisors.

 Server & Firewall Monitoring & Alerts

We will provide daily monitoring of alert messages from all servers and firewalls.  This would mean that all equipment that can be configured to send alert / event messages will be programmed to send these messages to the GC Technology job log which in turn will alert our support Engineers who will then respond proactively.  In most cases it will not require any input from a member of staff but if the alert is a major event then an Engineer will contact Management and make them aware of the issue.

User Administration

Staff may come and go over time and changes to the security profiles etc. will be covered i.e. password changes, new logon profiles, security changes, remote access etc.

Broadband Monitoring / Troubleshooting

A critical element of a company’s infrastructure is their broadband.  In the event of any problems GC Technology will troubleshoot and project manage
the resolution with the service provider.

Strategic Direction

GC Technology also provide on-going strategic advice to inform our customers on what new technologies are available as it is very important to know what new opportunities are available and understand how they may be utilised to improve their business.