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July 4, 2016
End of support for Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista RTM
July 4, 2016

Computer Scam Alert

I want to alert everyone to a “Computer Scam” that is currently doing the rounds.  I was made aware of it from a friend who got a bogus phone call and then my wife also received such a call on the home line.  It works as follows, you receive a call from a “Technical Support Engineer” who informs you that there is an issue with your PC.  The caller insists that your problem will only get worse and that your PC will get even slower.  They inform you that they can logon remotely and resolve your problem and will attempt to obtain  your credit card details from you.

I would feel that most people will recognise the phone call for what it is “a scam” however I would be concerned that some will be caught out by it.  The purpose of this mail is to make you aware of it and to ask you to inform as many people, family members and friends as possible.  In particular the older age group as they are more likely to be caught out by this.

And while you are passing on this message also make them aware of the danger in responding to any emails that proportedly come from their bank or any bank and have messages such as this example:

Account Notification

Dear Member,

According to our Terms of Use you need to re-confirm your account details.

Your acount is currently limited for security reasons.

Please complete the attachment form

Thank you for the attention you have given in trying to resolve the limitation and issues on your account.

Copyright © 1999-2010 Allied Irish Banks. All rights reserved.

These emails are spam and should be deleted immediately and not responded to.  Banks do not send emails of this nature.

If you are unsure about anything mentioned above please contact our office or myself directly for clarification.

Kind regards,

John Coffey

Managing Director

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