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July 4, 2016
Computer Scam Alert
July 4, 2016

Alert Newsletter

Following on from our last alert newsletter in September, I want to advise you of another potential problem that is currently doing the rounds.  As you know we always advise that you have the proper security in place in order to prevent viruses and other malware getting on your computer.

In tandem with providing prevention applications it is also vital to ensure your operating system and all your applications on your computer are kept up to date.  A little known fact is that in the majority of cases, patches issued by application companies relate to security problems and not improvements or new functionality with the application.

Aside from the usual Microsoft updates we want to draw your attention in this newsletter to Adobe and Java.  These two companies issue updates for their applications on a regular basis and it is important that you ensure that all Adobe applications and Java Runtime are kept up to date.  We are currently aware of a “fake anti-virus program” which is getting into computers by means of the security holes with these products.  These holes have been closed in their latest updates.

If you are unsure about anything mentioned above please contact our office for clarification.

Kind regards,
John Coffey

Managing Director

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